10 unusual Scottish baby Girl Names in 2015

10 unusual Scottish baby girl names in 2015

Isla, pronounced, “EYE-la,” originates from Islay, a Scottish island in the Inner Hebrides and is at the top of the list for top 10 unusual Scottish girls’ baby names. Some speculate it is derived from the Biblical woman Eve or Latin word Avis.

Freya is a name that comes from a Germanic word that means “woman.”

Chloe has recently become more of a popular name in Scotland as well as in the United States.

Millie is Latin for “servant for the temple, free-born and noble.” It is a variation of the name of the mythological Roman Volscian warrior queen, Camilla.

Eilidh is a true Scottish name that is a form of the Gaelic name Helen, meaning “light,”

Aria is a Greek name coming from Ariadne, who helped Theseus escape from the Cretan labyrinth. It’s Italian meaning translates to “melody.”

Evie has Hebrew, American and Latin roots. In Hebrew and American, Evie means “living, life and lively” and is a form of Eve, the Old Testament mother of the human race.

Poppy is from the name of the red poppy flower.

And lastly, Orla, pronounced OR-lah, is of Irish origin. It’s root name Orfhlaith is interpreted as meaning “golden princess.”

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