The History Of The Name Caitlin

The name Caitlin is for females of Irish Gaelic descent, which spans for many years. The name was derived from the french name Cateline which was also derived from another name for women. The name it would be derived from being Catherine which was originated from the Ancient Greek. The name Catherine comes from religion and in particular comes from St. Catherine of Alexandria and in turn is also partly the meaning of Caitlin as well.

Meaning of the Name

Even though there are many different ways to say the name Catherine, they all are to mean “pure” because it was originally from the Ancient Greek with the meaning behind St. Catherine.

Popularity of Caitlin

The generally popularity of Caitlin as a name scored around 1000 percentile in the year 2017 which was down from the previous year, 2016, so it has become a less popular name within one year, but overall has still been a pretty popular name throughout its inception in its many different variations. The height of its popularity was around the mid 1980’s with its lowest count being in 1955.

Specifically in Scotland Caitlin was in the 136th most popular name in 2016.

Famous People Called Caitlin

The Scottish swimmer Caitlin McClatchey
The Scottish swimmer Caitlin McClatchey

A few famous Caitlins.

  • Caitlin McClatchey swam internationally for Britain and Scotland.
  • Caitlin Moran is an English reporter who works for the Times paper.
  • Caitlin McCarthy is an American actress.

Useful Resources

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