A Famous Scottish Female Athlete – Christine Payne

Famous Scottish Female Athlete – Christine Payne

Famous Scottish female athletes have indeed given the country a good name. Girded with a rich history of sports and athletics, there are quite a number of famous historical female athletes. Many of these female athletes have even represented Scotland in the Olympics. The famous discus thrower Christine Payne was born in Borders, Scotland on May 19, 1933. As an adult she would participate in competitive track and field into her 80s. In 1958, she began international competition by participating on the British Empire and Commonwealth Games.

In 1970, at the ripe age of 37, Payne represented Scotland in the Commonwealth Games, garnering a gold. In 1972, at the ripe age of 39, she represented Great Britain at the Olympic games in Munich. During this year she ranked in the events tenth and twelfth, respectively. In 1974, at 41, she again participated in the Commonwealth Games. This time she won a silver medal. The following year competed in not only the discus, but also the shot put, 100 metres, and high jump. In 1978 she took a long break from competitive track and field, returning in 1988 to compete again, this time adding competition in the triple jump. Today, she still holds five world records.

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