The unique and amazing name: Aggie

The name Aggie is as unique as the people that are named it. It is the pet name or shortened version of the name Agatha or Angnes. It’s long Celtic and Scottish tradition gives it the true popularity it deserves deriving from the Celtic name Aigidh.


Though it did not even reach the top 500 Scottish baby girls names list, it is more popular than one would believe it is with statistics like these.

Meaning of Aggie

The true meaning of Aggie is poor or chaste. These words create a vision of purity, innocence, and above all moral.

Famous People with the Name

The most famous person with the name Aggie was the 3rd century Christian martyr who was born as Agnes but was forever known as Aggie whose feast day was celebrated on January 21st. The name Aggie is a popular name in literature, notably Aggie from the popular children book series Madeline, Aggie from the children’s stories Nanny McPhee, and Aunt Aggie from the award winning novel Angela’s Ashes. Dame Aggie Jekyl, one of the more famous Aggies, was the world wide read first female food columnist for The Times magazine of London. There is also Scottish TV personality Aggie McKenzie and film actress Aggie Herring.

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