Meaning & Popularity of the Name Ailie

The name Ailie was not one of the 100 most used baby names in 2015 in Scotland, but it is a name that has a simple sound and meaning. The meaning of Ailie comes from that of Aileen. And the possible meaning of that name is “bird.” It has a simple meaning, and the pronunciation of the name is fairly simple, too.

How to Pronounce Ailie?

Ailie pronunciation is “Ai-Lee.”

People Called Ailie

The popularity of Ailie is not very great, despite the pretty pronunciation and the simple spelling of the name, and that might attract people to it even more. When people know that this name has been around for a long time, and that it has been given to such notable figures as Ailie Robertson, a harpist, and Ailie MacAdam, an engineer, they will want to give it to their daughter all the more. It has been used occasionally, and it is a simple name that derives from another beautiful and simple name, and anyone who likes unique, yet easy to pronounce names, will fall in love with Ailie.

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