Meaning of the name Ailsa

Ailsa originates from the language of the Vikings who named a Scottish island in the Firth of Clyde,  Alfsigesey (meaning Alfsigr, or Elf Victory). As a result, it’s meaning has evolved to “supernatural victory”. The island’s name eventually came to be called Ailsa Craig, which adds a more Gaelic mix to the origin. In the 16th century, it served as a sanctuary for Catholics during the Scottish Reformation (which resulted from the Scot’s declaration of independence from the Papacy) and today is known for being a hospitable home for birds.

The name is also often thought of as relating to Elizabeth or Elsa. The Gaelic form of the former is Ealasaid and Elizabeth generally means “God’s promise”. Elsa is often short for Elizabeth, also meaning “God’s promise” and “God is my salvation”.
Ailsa may not be on the top charts for popularity but it does carry much strong meaning and is a name that does not go unnoticed.

Ailsa is a wonderful name that was ranked, in 2012, the 105th popular baby girl name in Scotland. Supernatural victory is the meaning of Ailsa. In 1806 Baron ailsa had been the first Marquess created. This creation had taken place in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. As well in this kingdom Ailsa was given the title Marquess of Ailsa. This creation of the title was created in 1831.

Famous People Called Ailsa

There are two women that are famous for the name Ailsa. These women are Ailsa McKay and Ailsa Stewart. Ailsa McKay was a economics professor and a economist feminist that was know for her “research on gender inequalities and the economies of welfare state”. Being a feminist economist located in Scotland, she also continued to be an advisor to the United Nations.
Ailsa Stewart was a character played by Judy Nunn in an Australian soap opera. In the soap opera Ailsa Stewart was married to a man named Alf Stewart and they had a son together named Duncan. The soap opera had been running with Judy Nunn, the original Ailsa Nunn, for about thirteen and a half years, to which Nunn took an illness leave.
Other Celebrities with Ailsa in their names:

  • Edith Ailsa Geraldine Craig (1869-1947): actress and women’s suffrage activist-
  • Ailsa Piper (1959-): Australian television star

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