Popularity of Alison

The Christian name Alison was a popular Scottish name until the nineteenth century, entering the twentieth century and on into the twenty-first the name is still in use, but has not featured in top baby names lists for many years according to data from the Scottish Government.

Meaning and Origin

The Alison name is generally known to be of German origin from the much longer name Adalheidis, which later became Adelaide. The name itself is thought to have originated from the name Alis or Alice, which the name Alison meaning, which translates into English as a person of noble and kind personality. Tracing the Alison name origin is often difficult, but it was amongst the most popular names in Scotland after being introduced to the British country during the twelfth century.

Variations on the Name

There are a number of variations of the name Alison, which include Allison, Allyson and Alley, which remain in popular use around the world. In South American countries the name is in use for both sexes and remains a popular boys name in the twenty-first century.

Famous People

Amongst the famous personalities with the name Alison are more than twenty time Grammy winner, country singer Alison Krauss, Coronation Street actress Alison King and popular singers Alison Moyet and Alison Goldfrapp.

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