Origins of the Girl’s name Ally

The name Ally has a long history within many different types of Gaelic cultures. This has helped to explain its enduring popularity and why the name is so widely used. Though the name itself is actually unisex, it is more frequently used for girls. This has helped many people identify the name in certain ways and actually give people the assign it to their own children.


Ally name pronunciation actually varies in a few different ways, often with how it is derived over time. It is originally derived from Allie, though there are many other types of variants. Many parents will name their child Alison and shorten it down to Ally. This will give the name a fair amount of variety, which will add to its overall appeal over time. When saying the name it’s composed of 2 syllables ‘Al-Ly.’

Popularity of Ally

The Scottish name Ally was the 467th most popular baby girl’s name in Scotland in 2012 ( Government Statistics).

Famous People Called Ally

The popularity of the name Ally has also seen it applied to many famous celebrities out there. Ally Carter and Ally Walker are two prominent American actresses who have born the name in the past. This has got many people interested in providing the name for their own kids sometime soon.

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