Annabel is a Scottish/English name, and it was the 20th most popular girl’s name in the year 2012 in Scotland. The meaning behind all those Annabel names is the same though, and that ties together every woman who bears it.

Meaning of Annabel

What does the Annabel name mean? Well, the Annabel meaning is a little hard to track. It’s thought to be a variation of the name Amabel, influenced by the name Anna. Amabel is itself a version of the name Amabilis, which is a Latin name that means “lovable”, and which belonged to a 5th century saint in Scotland. How the names and the Annabel meaning evolved over hundreds of years is hard to say, but that is the furthest back the roots have been traced thus far.

Famous People Called Annabel

In addition to the saint who held the original version of the name, Annabel has belonged to a number of other famous people. Poe’s Annabel Lee is one of the most famous in literature, but famed tennis player Annabel Croft and English socialite Annabel Goldsmith are two other famous Annabels which many people have heard of.

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