The Meaning of the Name Beileag

The name Beileag is a very unusual name that is usually chosen for a girl. Its origin is Scottish and it is defined as “My God is an oath, pledged to God.” The meaning of Beileag is diminutive of Iseabail.

How to Pronounce Beileag?

You pronounce Beileag as simply Bei-leag or Bay-League.


Beileage was not in the top 100 most popular Scottish baby girls’ names in 2016.

Traits of people with the name

If you are named Beileag you should be considered a very strong female. You are also proud to ask for help and would make a great doctor, artist or politician. You could also be a very emotional person and extremely sensitive. Females named Beileag can usually expect great success in the future. Beileag’s a like are talented in arts and sports. Unfortunately the popularity of Beileag name is dismal.

Famous People Called Beileag

There are even no celebrities or high profile people with the name. If you are blessed with the name Beileag, understand it is a sign of respect. It shows that you have a versatile personality and will be very well liked.

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