A Few Facts about the Name Beitris

Of Scottish Gaelic origins, the name Beitris is a form of the more commonly known European version, Beatrice, which in turn is a derivative of the Latin names Beatrix and Viatrix. Saint Beatrix — also known as Saint Viatrix — is the name of the Christian martyr that died in Rome in 303 A.D.

Though the name had a religious beginning, it later held a more secular appeal as Beatrice in both Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Variations and Meaning of Beitris

The name of Beitris has seen many different variations in spelling and pronunciation over the centuries, and so has its meaning. Originally, the meaning of Beitris was “traveler” or “voyager,” but now it also means “bringer of joy.”


As for the popularity of Beitris, it has not ranked on a list of popular girl names, but its variations of Beatrix and Beatrice have. In 2016 in Scotland, the names Beatrix and Beatrice placed 240th and 276th out of 500 top girl names.

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