Meaning of Scottish name Bonnie

The name Bonnie has a few different meanings depending on the language. The Scottish origin of the name Bonnie means pretty or attractive. The meaning of Bonnie in the American language is beautiful. In the English language used in England it means good, and in Latin Bonnie means beautiful also. It is said in folklore that people that are named Bonnie tend to be people that have a deep desire for love and companionship. They are also said to be people that excel with change, adventure and excitement. The name of Bonnie is also a derivative of the Spanish word of Bonita, which means pretty in Spanish.


Bonnie was the 203rd most popular baby girl’s name in Scotland in 2012 (Scottish Government Figures). Its popularity in the United States peaked in the 1940’s with almost 3 million babies named Bonnie.

Famous People

There have been some very notable women named Bonnie. Among them Bonnie Tyler the rock singer, Bonnie Franklin of the TV show, ‘One Day At A Time’. Bonnie Pointer the singer of the singing group, ‘The Pointer Sisters’. The Olympic Speed Skater, Bonnie Blair. There was also the singer Bonnie Raitt and the singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee, Bonnie Parker of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ fame.

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