Origins and Popularity of Brenda

While the name Brenda does not fall on the most recent list of popular girls names within Scotland and Wales, however still it is a very commonly given name.

Meaning and Origin

The meaning of Brenda is not certain. It is believed the name is derived from the Scottish male name Brendan, which has also fallen out of popularity. It was more popular in Scotland and Ireland, perhaps because of the Irish Saint Brendan, the Saint of Voyages. Not a popular name in England until the 20th century, there are many notable famous women with the name Brenda.

Famous People Called Brenda

In the world of stage and film, there were many Brenda’s in England, Australia and the States. There was a famous Irish actress named Brenda Fricker and an American actress named Brenda Marshall. A very popular American singer was named Brenda Lee. Brenda De Banzie was an English actress. There is also a popular Australian actress named Brenda Gibbs. In the world of fiction Brenda has also been a popular name mostly in America, although with exceptions. For example, Brenda was the daughter so named by Sir Walter Scott in his novel The Pirate. Brenda is a name not currently trendy but nonetheless quite common.

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