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Top Scottish Girls Names in 2016

Baby Names For Girls In Scotland : The name Olivia went from the third most popular name in Scotland to the first most popular name since 1974.

Popular Scottish girls names in 2016 included Olivia, Emily and Sophie as the top three names for females. For the very first time, since 1974, the first name Olivia is in first place for the most popular name amongst the population of Scottish girl babies.

The Scottish National Records shows that 24,489 baby girls were born with names such as : Olivia, Emily, Sophie, Isla, Ava, Amelia, Jessica, Ella, Lucy, Charlotte, Lily, Sophia, Aria, Evie, Robyn and Sofia. These names are all included in the top Scottish girls names in 2016, ranging in various places from first place to 50th place.

In 2016 a total of 492 baby girls were given the first name of Olivia in Scotland. This made the name Olivia the most popular name, followed by Emily in second place with 490 girls with this name and Sophie in third place. Sophie was the top girls name from 2008-2013!

The full list of the Top 10 Most Popular Girls Names

Here’s a list of the top baby girls’ names in 2016:

  1. Olivia
  2. Emily
  3. Sophie
  4. Isla
  5. Ava
  6. Amelia
  7. Jessica
  8. Ella
  9. Lucy
  10. Charlotte

Popular Scottish Female Singers

There are many Scottish female singers and some of the most popular singers include  Annie Lennox, Sharleen Spiteri, Lulu, Amy Macdonald, Sheena Easton. These names have a meaning and have a Scottish view of the name.

Annie Lennox

The Popular Singer Annie Lennox
The Popular Singer Annie Lennox

The name Annie origin is English and the source of the named come from the Hebrew and is from the bible.The name Lennox origin comes from Gaelic, Scottish and the characteristics are the name is Scottish surname and means “Elm field”.

Sharleen Spiteri

Sharleen Spiteri from the Band Texas
Sharleen Spiteri from the Band Texas

Sharleen the lead singer from the Glasgow based band Texas. Sharleen was an old root German girl name and means free man.The name Spiteri is a common Maltese surname and given to children left at the time during the rule of St. John.


The famous pop singer from East Dunbartonshire who sang the theme tune to the Jame s Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Lulu is a Latin baby name and means, famous warrior.

Sheena Easton

Shenna  is an other singer who sang  in the James Bond Film “For your eyes only”.

Shenna is the Scottish Gaelic form of the name Jane and the name refers to a queen of the jungle of a comic book that appeared in 1938. The name Easton means East town and come from the English.

Amy Macdonald

The Rock/Pop Singer Amy MacDonald
The Rock/Pop Singer Amy MacDonald

The name Amy is a French name and the meaning is beloved. The name Macdonald is a Scottish name and means Son of the world’s ruler.

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Fiery Scottish female celebrities

The first thing that comes to mind about Scotland is its colourful and violent history. No wonder such a country bread the fiery Scottish female celebrities we have seen in movies, sports, arts, or on stage.

Rose Leslie from the Game of Thrones
Rose Leslie from the Game of Thrones

There are a lot of Scottish female celebrities and they are as fascinating as their culture. Let’s start with the up and coming Scottish celebrities, beautiful Rose Leslie may well stay Ygritte of Game of Thrones in our memories for a long time, Karen Gillan’s lavish copper hair may be totally absent in both Guardians of the Galaxy but her grace is still booming.





Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan the famous Scottish actress and model

Established actresses like Kelly MacDonald and Laura Fraser who appeared in numerous movies and TV series are just a couple more of Scottish celebrities.










The Hollywood Actress Isla Fisher
The Hollywood Actress Isla Fisher

Tilda Swinton needs no introduction her style and class make her a diva of cinema, let’s not forget Isla Fisher whose performance was astonishing in Nocturnal animals.

Scottish celebrities are not just present in the movie industry they shine in arts the way Margaret Gillies did in the world of painting or Sheena Easton with music.

Scottish female celebrities have put their mark on the world and it is a better place for it.

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Female Scottish Athletes with Meaning Behind Their Names

The Scottish Olympian Katherine Grainger
The Scottish Olympian Katherine Grainger

Girls rule and boys…well you get the point! The roles women play in the world has been forever changing into a dominant position; especially in the category of sports. Here are the names of several famous Scottish female athletes and how their successes live up to the meaning of their names!

Fiona MacDonald

“She came, she saw, and she conquered” would be the best quote used for Scottish athlete Fiona MacDonald. In 2002, she became a gold medalist for Curling in Salt Lake City. The name Fiona is derived from the form of the Gaelic word fionn, meaning “white”, “fair”. It appears fitting since Fiona ruled the sport of Curling on white ice!

Catriona Matthew

Women don’t get credit for it, but they professional golf as well! Golfing takes a certain level of pure and clear concentration the sport. No wonder Catriona Matthew is a member of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. With a consistent number of wins over the years, Catriona’s success represents her name; pure and clear!

Lorna Vevers

The name Lorna means femininity. It also is a popular name from Blackmoore’s novel Lorna Doone who was discovered to be an heiress. Naturally, this name fit perfectly for Lorna Vevers who won a bronze medal at the 2007 World Championships for Curling. A true heiress of success in the sport!

These famous Scottish female athletes sure know how to live up to their names!

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A Famous Scottish Female Athlete – Christine Payne

Famous Scottish Female Athlete – Christine Payne

Famous Scottish female athletes have indeed given the country a good name. Girded with a rich history of sports and athletics, there are quite a number of famous historical female athletes. Many of these female athletes have even represented Scotland in the Olympics. The famous discus thrower Christine Payne was born in Borders, Scotland on May 19, 1933. As an adult she would participate in competitive track and field into her 80s. In 1958, she began international competition by participating on the British Empire and Commonwealth Games.

In 1970, at the ripe age of 37, Payne represented Scotland in the Commonwealth Games, garnering a gold. In 1972, at the ripe age of 39, she represented Great Britain at the Olympic games in Munich. During this year she ranked in the events tenth and twelfth, respectively. In 1974, at 41, she again participated in the Commonwealth Games. This time she won a silver medal. The following year competed in not only the discus, but also the shot put, 100 metres, and high jump. In 1978 she took a long break from competitive track and field, returning in 1988 to compete again, this time adding competition in the triple jump. Today, she still holds five world records.

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Meaning & Popularity of the Name Ailie

The name Ailie was not one of the 100 most used baby names in 2015 in Scotland, but it is a name that has a simple sound and meaning. The meaning of Ailie comes from that of Aileen. And the possible meaning of that name is “bird.” It has a simple meaning, and the pronunciation of the name is fairly simple, too.

How to Pronounce Ailie?

Ailie pronunciation is “Ai-Lee.”

People Called Ailie

The popularity of Ailie is not very great, despite the pretty pronunciation and the simple spelling of the name, and that might attract people to it even more. When people know that this name has been around for a long time, and that it has been given to such notable figures as Ailie Robertson, a harpist, and Ailie MacAdam, an engineer, they will want to give it to their daughter all the more. It has been used occasionally, and it is a simple name that derives from another beautiful and simple name, and anyone who likes unique, yet easy to pronounce names, will fall in love with Ailie.

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Famous Scottish Female Artists

Discover the most Famous Scottish Female Artist

Margaret Gillies stands out compared to other famous Scottish female artists, born in 1803 she made up her mind to make a living on her own when she was very young. After her mother died when Margaret and her sister, Mary, went to live with their uncle, Lord Gillies, who educated both of them in Edinburgh.

Margaret was tutored in miniature-painting by Frederick Cruikshank and worked in Hendrik and Ary Scheffer’s Studio in Paris. Gillies commissions include miniature paintings of William Wordsworth, Anne Marsh, and Charles Dickens. After being elected to the Old Society of Painters in Water-colours in 1852. Margaret contributed to the exhibitions until she died.

The name Margaret is the anglicised version of the name, but there is always a history behind every person’s name. As one of the most successful, famous Scottish female artists, Margaret was blessed with a name that has several Scottish versions such as Maighread, Marsaili, Mairead, Maisie, Peigi, and Mysie. Many famous Scottish female artists were not so lucky with their names, ending up stuck with rather plain names like Ann, Mary, Lucy, and Emily, all rather dull compared to Margaret with its many Scottish facets.

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Naming Traditions For Girls In Scotland

What’s In A Name: The Scottish Naming Tradition That Still Holds Today

There are many beautiful and lovely Scottish girls names
There are many beautiful and lovely Scottish girls names

There’s power in a name. Aside from choosing a name on your own, a number of Scottish families choose to go the traditional route and are referring to name patterns. These naming traditions for girls in Scotland include parent’s and grandparent’s names and variations of them. For example, a first born daughter would have the name of her maternal grandmother.

The other option would be using a variation of her paternal grandmother’s name.

The second born daughter should be named after her paternal grandmother, if not that name then a variation of her maternal grandmother’s name should be given.

The third born daughter would be named after her mother. The fourth born daughter should be named after her mother’s oldest sister, or a variation of her maternal great grandmother’s name.

A fifth born daughter would be named after her father’s oldest sister, or a variation of her paternal great grandmother’s name. This tradition has a lot to do with family and ensuring they live on through their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Using Gaelic variations of names from different cultures is also a popular way of naming baby girls. This tradition in Scotland still lives on today and has made it easy for genealogists to easily identify possible relatives and even form entire family trees.

Girls’ Name Maisie

So where does Maisie come from?

Margaret and Mary are two of the longer forms of Maisie, but this is also a good name on its own. And, even though the name was not one of the most popular in 2015, it is on its way up and has been gaining popularity in recent years.

How Popular is the Name Maisie?

Maisie was not one of the most popular baby names in Scotland in the year 2015, but it is still a pretty name that all parents should consider for their new baby girl. The popularity of Maisie should not affect the way that parents feel about it, but they should instead think about how the name sounds when said out loud. It is a pretty name, and the meaning of Maisie is pearl.

Famous People Called Maisie

The name Maisie was given to Maisie Williams, a young English actress. Another celebrity with the name is Maisie Smith, an English singer and actress. Maisie MacKenzie is a fictional character in a popular series. There is also a character in the Harry Potter series with the name Maisie.

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Top Scottish Girls Names in 2016

Names are pretty important in our society. Everything and everyone has a name. In any and every culture, names are pretty significant. They can signify a heritage or a personality trait, especially in Scotland. What were the top Scottish girls names in 2016?

Here’s the latest predictions from the Scottish Government:


One of the first top Scottish girls names in 2016 was Isla, this originates from the name Islay.

Another popular name Alia, means ‘from a resilient place’. That probably is a compliment, once you find out what your name means.

A second name, Allie, was one of the top names as well. It’s actually a ‘pet’ form of the name Aileen. This is more of a nick name, though one can be called Allie as a name itself as well.

Another name is Annabel. This name, especially has been popular since the 12th century! That’s a long time for a name to be popular. This name in particular has English, origins, though.

Those are some of the top names for girls that are Scottish. These obviously aren’t all of them, but more information on other Scottish girls names can be found on our website.