History and Origin of the Name Christie

Christie is a girls name which peaked in popularity around 1975. The name Christie is of Scottish origin. In Scottish the name Christie means Christian. The name Christie can be spelled in various ways. Christie may be spelled Christy as well as Cristi.

Famous People

A famous well known personality named Christie is the model Christie Brinkley. Christie Brinkley was born Christie Lee Hudson in 1954. Brinkley is probably remembered due to her extraordinary beauty and charm.

Meaning of the Name

The fact that Christie’s meaning pertains to Christianity may be one reason that the name gained popularity. A portion of the name Christie contains Christ therefore the name may be associated with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christie name can also be associated with someone that is dynamic and independent. In addition, the name has been associated with someone whom is outspoken and willing to accept new challenges.

Finally, there is an interesting history behind the name Christie. Even though the name is not as popular today the name Christie is still considered a name associated with beauty and elegance.

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