Origin and Popularity of Cullodena

Cullodena is a name for baby girls that is Scottish in origin. The Cullodena name is quite rare and is not ranked within the top one hundred names in Europe. Regardless of the low popularity of Cullodena, the name is very pretty. The meaning of Cullodena is “from the mossy ground” and the meaning remains the same among the other forms of the name. The other variations of Cullodena include Cullodina, Cullodyna, Culodena, Culodina, and Culodyna.

Places with the Name Cullodena

Culloden is the is the masculine form of Cullodena and means “from the nook of the marsh.” The boy’s name is equally as rare as the girl’s form of the name.
A baby girl with the name Cullodena, or any variation of this Scottish name, will most likely be the only girl in that area with her name. She would have a very unique name. Cullodena, despite the name rareness, is a beautiful name.

Places with the Name Cullodena

In Scotland there is a village near Iverness in the Highlands called Culloden that was the site of the Battle of Culloden. The Battle of Culloden was the final battle of Jacobite Rising. There is also a village, or community, in Nova Scotia, a province of Canada, that is called Culloden.

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