The Origin Of The Beautifully Created Name Dallis

The Dallis name is a unique girls name with a Scottish origin. Any woman or child with the name Dallis is known to use their personal abilities for group leadership and personal independence.

Meaning if the Name

The meaning of Dallis is “from Dallas or belonging to Dallas”.

The name is also known for the women to be creative and attentive in all aspects of their life. Most women with the Dallis name are into arts and crafts of some sort and live every second of their life to the fullest.


Dallis is not a popular girl’s name in Scotland and it was not amongst the top Scottish baby names in 2013 (according to the Scottish Government). However this name had once popular both in the┬ásouthern United States in states such as Texas and the country of Scotland in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Useful Resource

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