Over the year the name Davina has been associated with members of the upper class. This name is a reflection of all things that are of high class. Females named Davina are said to have an inner desire to help others and to serve as an inspiration to the people around them.

Meaning and Origin of Davina

The meaning of Davina is loved one or beloved. In Hebrew the meaning of Davina also stands for cherished. This name is the female version of the male name David.


When having a baby girl it is important to choose a name that fits her. The name Davina is unique but it was not found in the 100 most popular baby girl’s name in Scotland in 2012.

Famous People Called Davina

There are some famous people with this name. Davina McCall is an English television personality who has hosted games show including Five Minutes o a Fortune and The Million Pound Drop Live. Also the English noble named Lady Davina Lewis has made this name known throughout the world. This name is both Scottish and Hebrew in origin. Davina’s origin came from the Bible.

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