Meaning and Origin of the Name Deonaid

Deonaid (pronounced Deh-nade) is a Scottish Gaelic name. It is the Gaelic form of the name Janet (English).

The meaning of Deonaid is God is Gracious (Scottish) or gift of God (Gaelic).

Interesting Facts about the Name Deonaid

The name is similar to and used synchronously with the name Seonaid (pronounced shonah). Seonaid is the anglicised form of the name Shonah. Seonaid which is a form of Deonaid, was ranked 1543th in Scotland.

There are really no famous people with the name of Deonaid. If you were to visit Scotland, the name Deonaid will definitely be heard more. The name is rarely used outside of Scotland. one would rarely hear it outside the streets of Scotland. In fact, the name Deonaid did not make the most popular name for a girl in the year of 2015. Although this is true,The name Deonaid is unique with a huge meaning.

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