Origin & Meaning of the name Donella

The Donella name is both an Italian and Scottish baby name. The meaning of Donella mean ‘World Leader’ or ‘World Ruler’ in Scottish from the male name Domhnall.  In  Italian it means “Lady”,. Another Celtic meanings is “Dark haired girl”.

Variations of the name Danella

There are also many variations of this name including Daniella, Donna, Danielle, Donell and Donnella.


The popularity of Donella isn’t a very popular name among females and it was not in the top 1000 Scottish baby names in 2013. This name however is mainly used these days as a last name.

People with the Name

There are some celebrities that also share this name:

  • Donella Meadows, who was a teacher, a writer and a American environmental scientist.
  • Donella Plane, an Australian country singer and an Italian opera singer named Donella Del Monaco.

Traits of this Name

Most girls and women who have this name are known to be an actress, singer, writer or any other creative profession.

They also are very passionate and romantic people and have infectious personalties. They also aren’t afraid to participate as a public speaker and are also known be very outgoing.

Even though these people are very generous and creative people, they can also e very hot headed and quick tempered at times. They are also known to have their heart on their sleeve and fall in love very easily.

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