Meaning and Origin of the Name Ella

The name Ella has been chosen by many Scottish parents for their daughters over the centuries.

The meaning of Ella is a shortened version of many popular Scottish names. Those names include Donella, Annella, Fenella and Arabella.

Popularity of the Name

Ella was the 8th most popular baby girls’ name in Scotland in 2015 (Scottish Government data)

Famous People with the Name

There are several celebrities with the name, and they include Ella Eyre, a young English singer and songwriter, Ella Fitzgerald, an American woman who was known for her jazz singing, and Ella Purnell, an English actress.


It is a beautiful girl name that can be used as a shortened version of another name, and it is a name that every Scottish parent can feel good about naming their baby girl. There are celebrities with this name, and it is a beautiful name that will never go out of style.

Useful Resources

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