Origin of the name Erica

The name Erica is of Norse and Germanic origin, and is a feminine form of the name Eric. Alternative spellings include Erika, Aryka, Elika.

Meaning of Erica

Commonly translated as “noble” or “ruler” from Old Norse. Erica is also the Latin name for a genus of flowering plants more widely known as heathers, in the family Ericaceae. Heather is regarded as a lucky plant in Scottish folklore, and is a common sight around bogs throughout the country. The term “erica” is the word for heather in modern Dutch as well.

Erica’s Popularity

American actress Erica Durance is only one of many famous film stars and athletes with the name; physicist Erika Cremer was a pioneer in gas chromatography during the 1940s, and Erika Wendt spied on the Germans for Sweden during World War II. In 2012, Erica was the 321th most popular baby girl’s name in Scotland, and reached the height of its popularity in the 1980s. By comparison, Erica was the 506th most popular feminine name in the United States during the same year.

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