Meaning and OriginĀ of the Name Euna

The meaning of Euna is said to be that of Hunger, Famine, and One. It is a Gaelic or Celtic name that was originally used in “Faerie Queene” by Spenser. In addition, there are many variations for the name Euna such as UNA, Eunice, and even Eugene. There are serveral other variations of the name Euna, as well as many various ways to spell it.


The Euna name was the 1525 most popular name for baby girls in Scotland, in the year 2013. The popularity of Euna has remained the same since the year 2013.

Famous People Called Euna

Even more so, there are very few famous people that have the name of Euna. However, one of the most well-known famous person’s with the name Euna is Euna Lee. Euna Lee was a talented and inspirational Korean-American Journalist who worked for Current Tv. Euna Lee, along with a colleague, were detained in Korea in 2009 for not having valid visa’s. After a short period of time, Euna and her colleague were released from being detained and returned home to continue doing journalism.

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