Famous Female Scottish Celebrities

A Few Selective Famous Scottish Celebrities

Famous Scottish females celebrities are numerous and highly recognisable. Their achievements vary from many different fields, including sports to popular media.


Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan the famous Scottish actress and model

Karen Gillan is an actress and model from Inverness in Scotland. She is best known from her time on the TV series Dr Who where she played the role of Amelia Pond who was a companion to the Eleventh Doctor.

Everyone knows the Harry Potter series which starred Katie Leung as a girl that attracted Harry. Besides being beautiful and talented, she is of Chinese descent but is a natural born Scott. The name of Katie gives her a home ground that is familiar to movie goers.

Kananu Kirimi is a renowned Scottish actress in both film and theatre. It may not sound as familiar as Kate or Mary but it certainly is different.


Kahleen is a far take off on the names of Collen or Katherine, but Kahleen Crawford is an up and coming business woman in the casting of film and theatre actors. She is young, attractive, and very business savvy.


Nicola Bendetti has made great achievements in the classical music industry. She has also garnished the exemplary award of being the youngest person to ever receive an honorary award of Doctor of Letters by Glasgow University.

Annie Lennox is a Scottish singer and songwriter from Aberdeen.


Catriona Matthews is a famous popular Scottish golfer.


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These are just a few of the many women who are famous Scottish celebrities. Discover the meaning and origin of other Scottish girls names on our website.

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