Meaning, Origin and Popularity of Fenella

The origin of the Fenella name comes from Scottish origin. Fenella is a female name but its not a popular name. The popularity of Fenella is a very low percentage in Scotland. The meaning of Fenella means white-shoulder one or fair shouldered. In 1823 Sir Walter Scott produced a novel with a character named Fenella. Fenella then became to be an actual name.

Famous People Called Fenella

Fenella Woolgar is an English actress born in 1969. She is the youngest daughter of three children and moved back to the United Kingdom in 1976 with her family. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1999, Fenella mainly performed in theater arts until she started acting in 2002. She has played roles in some films and narrated multiple audio books.

Fenella Fielding is an English actress born in 1927. Fenella was born with the name Fenella M. Feldman and comes from Romanian/Russian Jewish descent. Fenella is mainly known for her image as being seductive and also having a “husky” voice. She began acting in 1954 and played multiple roles from 1959-2009. The artist Martin Firrell has made Fenella a subject in a contemporary piece of artwork made for the public.

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