Meaning and Popularity of the Name Finola

Finola is altered from “Fionnghuala” and the meaning of Finola is “fair-shouldered.” It was not in the top 100 baby names in Scotland for 2013, making the popularity of Finola marginal. It is Anglicized from the name Fionnula. Variants of the name include Fionola, Fionnuala, Finnguala, Fenella, Fionnghuala and Finella.

History of the Name

The Finola name comes from Fionnghuala from the legend of the Children of Lir of the Tuatha De Dannan. The other Children of Lir were Fionnghuala’s brothers, Fiachra, Aodh and Conn who were all cast out of their home when their stepmother Aoife turned Fionnghuala into a swan, cursed to wander Ireland’s rivers and lakes with her brothers. 900 years later, the curse broke when Deoch, daughter of Finghin and Lairgren, son of Colman, got married. “The Song of Albion” by Thomas Moore depicts Fionnghuala’s time as a swan.

Famous People with the Name Finola

The Finola name is shared with actress Finola Hughes who appeared in the American impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous musical “Cats”.

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