Flora is a pretty female name and it has a close association with Scotland where it is frequently used as a 1st name.

Origin and Meaning

The meaning of Flora is derived from the Latin word ‘floris’ meaning flower. The name Flora was originally brought forth from the myth of the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora, from Latin flor-.


According to the 2012 Scottish Government Statistics Flora is the 241st most popular baby girls name.

Famous People With The Name Flora

Flora MacDonald 1722 – 1790 She was the daughter of Ranald MacDonald of Milton who died when she was a young child and Marion MacDonald who was abducted shortly after his death. She was raised by her uncle and later became a national heroine in the Jacobitism movement.

Flora MacLeod, DBE1878-1976 The daughter of Sir Reginald MacLeod born in London in the home of her grandfather. She became the 28th Clan Chief of the MacLeod Clan in 1935. The MacLeod family has held seat at the Dunvegan Castle in Skye for 800 years.

St. Flora 1309-1347 (est.) She has been deemed the Patron Saint of the abandoned, of converts, single laywomen, and victims of betrayal. She was known to freely counsel those with a need for spiritual guidance and for her uncanny prophetic knowledge.

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