Meaning of the Scottish Female Name Gormlaith

Gormlaith name is Scottish female and it means is illustrious princess, or lady.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Gormlaith is low. The name ranks low according in all counties according to the latest statistic. It is predicted that only a few hundred people in the world currently have this name.

Individuals may find Gormlaith intimidating on paper, and it looks difficult to pronounce. If scribbled in cursive it might be mistaken for “Gwyneth.” From an analytical view point this name is unheard of unless someone told you about it. Statistically speaking the name will not be making a comeback. The last time it was reasonably popular was during earlier centuries.

History of the Name

During the 8th and 16th centuries there is a long list of princesses with this name (more information can be found at Wikipedia) Some of the spellings include the letter F. The list is limited to just their names and the years that they died. More information is available once the name is considered Irish. Historical online print shows Princess Gormlaith a married to Brian Boru. He eventually became king and founded the O’Brien Dynasty. All and all the name is mostly obscure,and part of obsolete history.

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