Grace Girl’s Name

Grace is a lovely girl’s name that is particularly popular in Scotland and other parts of the UK. On this webpage we’ll run through the origins of the name, its popularity and famous people with the 1st name Grace.

Origins of Grace

Grace originates from the Latin name Gratia. This name was first used in the 17th century.

Grace’s Popularity

Grace was the 2nd most popular Scottish baby girl’s name in 2012 (Scottish government figures) and was in 17th position overall for girl’s names. This name has been especially popular over the decades in Scotland and the north of England.

Famous People

Here is a brief list of a few people with the 1st name Grace:

  • Grace Kelly – was an actress who married Prince Rainier of Monaco.
  • Grace Darling – a lighthouse daughter’s keeper who help to save sailors in a storm in the 19th century.

Helpful Resources

Check out our long and detailed list of Scottish girl’s names.

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