Origin and Meaning of the Name Grizel

The Grizel name derives from the Scottish meaning of “gray haired”. Individuals with the Grizel name are often known to be optimistic, energetic, intelligent and rebellious. All in all the meaning of Grizel is brilliant and bright. Along side of the beautiful characteristics of the meaning of Grizel, individuals are also known to love traveling and have a high desire to set their own pace in life. A downfall of this name if you may is the fight they put up to being restricted by the rules of society.

The Popularity the Name

The popularity of Grizel has decreased over the years in Scotland but still the name remains within a few Scottish women. In the year 2013 the Grizel name was not on the 100 most popular names list, but did however remain high in popularity in the year 1963. Today in 2014 the name Grizel remains the most popular in California rating 2,227th on the charts. The unique meaning and sound of this name may not prove to be as popular in Scotland as it once was in earlier years, but still remains alive in certain areas of the world.

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