Meaning of Scottish girls’ name Innes

Innes is considered a Scottish Gaelic boy’s name for Angus however sometime this name can also be used as a girls name, but more often than not these days you’ll find it used as a surname. The meaning of Innes is River Island. The name depicts one that travels for adventure. The Innes name depicts someone who is a scholar, a teacher, someone who analyses, and understands. It gives you the impression of someone who is psychic.

Famous People with the Name

There are not many women who have adopted Innes as their first name. Laura Innes, on the other hand is an American actress, television director, married, kept her father’s last name Innes. She is also noted for her work with the disabled utilizing her role as director in employing the disabled.


Innes was not in the top 500 Scottish girls’ names in 2012.

Innes for a Baby’s Name?

Having a precious baby is amazing. Picking a special name for a boy, or girl is a difficult job, since it will follow the child in everything they do for the rest of its life. Your child could be influential in the world by the name you chose. Since there are thousands of names to choose from. The name should be significant to you. If you don’t want to pick favourites; is there a family name that is special. Always remember the name is forever.

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