From Islands to Doves, the name Iona has Significance

The name of a small island off of Scotland, the female name Iona is a celebrated, traditional, unique Scottish name synonymous with natural beauty and equanimity, the isle qualities of water and sun and wind. Here, in 563 A.D., the Saint Columba founded a monastery, which is why the name the Scottish name Iona has a Christian significance. In Scotland, on the government records, Iona was the 58th most popular girl’s name being used in recent years (2012). It is an easy name to pronounce and is derived from the Iona pronunciation root of Ione.

The Iona name also is associated with traditional Greek, and the name overall does have a connection to the symbol of the dove, making it a peaceful name, appropriate for a girl for whom peace or a peaceful world is a hope. The name is entirely unique in America, where it is listed as 3,549th in popularity and is sometimes used as the name for an institution as in Iona Savings Bank, making it an interesting name for an American family that wishes to pay homage to more traditional Scottish roots or energies, with the name also having roots and history in Greek, Norse, Scandinavian, Celtic, Hebrew, and Gaelic.

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