Origin of the Scottish Name Iseabail

The Iseabail name is an uncommon female first name and a Scottish and Gaelic variant of Isabel which is in turn a Spanish variant of the name Elizabeth.


For the meaning of Iseabail you have to revert to Elizabeth which is from the Hebrew name Elisheba meaning “God is my oath,” “consecrated by God” and even “God is perfection.” It is also seen frequently shortened in Scotland as Beileag.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Iseabail has never seemed to be high and it appeared at the 1525th place on the government’s list of the most popular girl’s baby names in Scotland as of 2013 so it would make for an unusual form of two more common names.

Famous People with the Name Iseabail

There are very few famous bearers of the name Iseabail however there is Iseabail Ní Mheic Cailéin, Colin Campbell, the 1st Earl of Argyll’s daughter, who was herself a 15th century Gaelic poet and noblewoman. Otherwise, a close variant would be Ishbel MacAskill, the accomplished and famous Gaelic diva, actress, teacher and Scottish heritage activist.

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