Isobel: A Proper Scottish Girl’s Name

From the homes and businesses in Leith, to the highlands to the north, many fine girl’s names can be found, but one of the finest that can be found throughout the Scottish homeland is the name Isobel.

Although it is true that there are numerous spellings, meaning of Isobel is shared with that of Elizabeth, the English derivation of an old Bible name with divine origins, known mostly from the mother of John the Baptist

Whether it be Isobel of Huntington, who might have been Queen of Scotland or Isobel Buchanan, perhaps the most famous Scottish soprano, Isobel’s popularity would probably remain high. Then Isobel Campbell became wildly popular, first with Belle and Sabastian, and now on a successful solo career. Now that her name is deeply ingrained in Scottish minds, the name has again risen in popularity.

Truly Scottish, Isobel’s popularity is one that should continue into the future. A name that has been a heritage to women both in the past and present, the name Isobel should be the pride to the people of Scotland also in the future.


 Isobel was the 147th most popular baby girl’s name in Scotland in 2012 (Scottish Government Figures).

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