Origin and Meaning

The Jamesina name is the Scottish feminine version of the masculine name James. In English, it is another, feminine, form of the unisex name Jamie. The name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jamesina is, “one who supplants,” the literal translation meaning, “one who replaces or supersedes.”

Popularity of the Name Jamesina

The popularity of Jamesina is pretty much nonexistent as of now. In the year 2013, it was not found on the Top 100 Scottish Baby Names list. The name Jamesina actually fell into the list of popular baby names around the mid 2000 range, making it fairly uncommon for a baby name. The popularity of the name Jamesina has never been much, and the name is not likely to become popular in coming years.

Pronounce Jamesina

However, for anybody who is interested in the name and may be wondering just how to pronounce Jamesina, it is pronounced, Jay meh see nuh, or JHEY-Meh-SIY-Naa.

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