The name Jean is a Scottish female name. This name is not currently in the top 100 of Scottish names for girls (Scottish Government Figures, 2012). Jean is a great name for a baby girl as it is easy to pronounce yet unique enough to make the child stand out.

Meaning & Origin

The name Jean means “ God is gracious.” Naming a child Jean will let the child know they are special. This name is Hebrew in origin. Jean is also often used in hyphenated names such as Billy-Jean and Mary-Jean.

Famous People Called Jean

There are many well known people named Jean. Jean Alexander is a well known British actress. The actress Jean Harlow was one of the first sex symbols. She acted in many movies in the 1930’s and is still well respected in Hollywood today. Another famous Jean is Jean Grey. She is a comic book character that is one of the original members of the X-Men. This Jean was born with super powers that include telekinesis. Jean Butler was a well known dancer and an actress who is known for her staring role in Riverdance.

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