Jessie, God’s Gracious Gift

The girl’s name, Jessie, is a Scottish diminutive of Jean, and synonymous with Janet. Nowadays, the name Jessie is linked to Jessica; although, in Scotland, they are not related.

Traditionally, in Scotland, a procedure was followed when naming a girl. The first daughter would be named after the mother’s mother; the second after the father’s mother; and a third daughter would be named after the mother.

The name Jessie, though not in the top 100 names in Scotland, has a lovely history.
The Scottish name Jessie, is a pet name for Jean, and the Gaelic name Teasag. Another nickname is Jinty (or Jinny) which hints at the connection to the name Jean. Another Scottish variation of the name Jessie is Seasaidh/Teasaidh, pronounced “Shay-Say” and “Cheh-say.”

The name Jessie is of Hebrew, Scottish, and English origin. The Hebrew meaning of Jessie is wealth; and also, Jehovah exists. The Biblical meaning of Jessie is God’s gracious gift.

Many well-known people have the name, Jessie. Some famous female Jessie’s are:
Singer and song writer Jessie J;Irish Entertainer, Jessie Buckley; English actresses, Jessie Flower, and Jessie Matthews; Harry Potter film actress, Jessie Cave; English R&B artist Jessie Ware; and English sculptor, Jessie Lipscomb.

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