Meaning Of Kenzie

The name Kenzie has steadily improved in popularity over time, which will help many people become interested in what it can offer. The meaning of Kenzie will help parents understand more about the name and its origins. The name itself is used for both boys and girls, helping it to attain a lot of usage throughout the world. It is particularly popular in Scotland, since this is its country of origin.

Popularity in Scotland

In 2012, Kenzie was the 310th most popular girl’s name.

Origin of the Name

Traditionally, Kenzie has been used as a shortened form of MacKenzie. Both names may be used interchangeably for the same child. Many families will consider MacKenzie to be more formal, so this may be used on official documents. Kenzie could be used in everyday popular usage, which has helped many families along the way.

Famous People Called Kenzie

There are plenty of families who will appreciate the different types of celebrities with the name Kenzie or some variant. MacKenzie Astin is a popular American actor who has appeared in some popular roles recently. MacKenzie Bezos is a novelist who has acquired quite a bit of fame recently as well. MacKenzie Bowell was an English born Canadian Prime Minister. All of these noted individuals have helped to maintain the popularity of the name over the years.

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