The Origins of the Name Kina

Alickina and the shortened name Kina, are of Hebrew and Greek origin and known around the world as girls names. Alickina is a variant of the name Alexandra in Scottish. It was popular through the mid-1980’s and then began to decline in the 2000’s. At the peak of popularity, Alexandra was given to 55% of babies born around 1994 to 1995.

Even though a decline began, it is still far more popular than its variants Kiana and Dinah. Kina is a variant of Dinah, the latter name being of English, German, and Hebrew origin.

Meaning and Popularity of Kina

Kina is mainly used in the languages of Scottish and English. Regarding the U.S., it’s no longer among the top 1,000 names in the world and not popular in the United States according to the Social Security Administration.

The meaning of the name Kina is “Defending men” or “Defender of mankind”, although definition can vary across countries and languages. From a numerological standpoint, the name Kina indicates the potential for philanthropic expression. It also indicates that a person with this name will be greatly motivated by their relationships and friendships.

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