The Name Kirstie

The name Kirstie is a well known and popular name for females. It is especially popular in Scotland, Scandinavia, and the USA.

Meaning and Origin

The name Kirstie is also used as a nickname or pet name in Scotland for the name Christine. Christine is known to mean Christ bearer. Even more so, the name Kirstie is of a Latin origin, and is used as a variation of the names Kristy, Kristy, and Christian. The Meaning of Kirstie is known as the follower of Christ, making Kirstie a very popular spiritual name. Kirstie is commonly given to baby girl’s who have a very religious background.

Popularity of the Name

Kirstie became a very popular name for girls during 2012, becoming the 580th most popular baby name of that particular year in Scotland. Even more so, there are many famous television stars who have are named Kirstie, some examples include Kirstie Alley and Kirstie Allsopp, both which are well known all across the world for their television appearances.

Kirstie’s Personality

It has been said that those who are named Kirstie have a spiritual being and are more tuned to think about other people before they think of themselves.

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