The beautiful name of Kyla

Kyla is a proud Scottish name and has been around for many centuries in the Scottish Isles. Kyla is a name that is shared by multiple famous people such as the Olympian gymnast Kyla Ross, the famous American Actress Kyla Pratt, and the beautiful Kyla Frye who won the best female model in 2010 Beffta’s Awards.


Kyla’s popularity is more than most people realize and was ranked in the top 500 Scottish names reaching the 241st position. Kyla was once a common name in the Scotland, but the popularity has taken a slight down turn.


Meaning of Kyla

There are multiple meanings for the name Kyla but two seem to dominate the popular beliefs. The most traditional Gaelic meaning of Kyla is a narrow split of land, which is a direct translation of the original Gaelic name itself. Because this Gaelic term was often used in terms of the beauty of the particular split of land, Kyla is often said to mean beautiful as well. The second more popular belief of what the name Kyla means is victorious and triumphant. Therefore, when you add the two together; the meaning of the name is a girl who is both beautiful and victorious.

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