Meaning and Origin of Leana

It is always interesting to find more about the meaning and origin of a name.

The name Leana is Scottish, and has several meanings. One meaning of the name Leana is “to twine or twist around”. Interestingly, the name has another meaning. The meaning of Leana is “serves John”. A final meaning of Leana is “light beautiful woman”.

Related Names

The name Leana has many variations like Aileen, Eileen, Evelyn, Helen, and Liana. The name has a variety of spellings. For example, the name is spelled as Leanah, Leannah, Leiana, Leighanna, Lena, Lenah, Liahna, Lianna, Liannah, Lina, and Linah. It is pronounced in two different ways lee An ah or lay An ah.

Leana’s Popularity

At this time, it is a rather unique first name for girls. It seemed to have a popularity hike in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In 2012, Leana was not in the top five hundred most popular names.


This is a very pretty and original name. It is a name that is generally liked by parents looking for a baby’s name. If you are looking for a unique name for your baby this is a great one!

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