Lena, Origin and Meaning

Lena is a Scottish girl name that most likely derived from Helen or Dolina. Unlike other names, the meaning of the name Lena have does a typical meaning, Lena, is a name that is itself.

Lena is a popular name used all over the world, it is safe to say that women with the name Lena have a thing for the creative arts.


In 2012 the name Lena was the 115th popular girl name in Scotland, in recent years the name has lost popularity.

People in the Public Eye Called Lena

Lena Zavaroni was once a popular Lena in Scotland. Born in 1963, Lean was a singer and television host, her first album Ma! (He’s Making Eyes At Me) was a top ten hit. With that being said she is the youngest person to have a top ten album in Scotland. In her teenage years Lena suffered from anorexia that lead to a depression, and took to the stage.

Another popular person called Lena is Lena Myer-Landrut. Myer-Landrut rose to fame in 2010 after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 201O. Throughout the show she delivered stellar performances and won, he debut single was Satellite. Satellite has sold more then 500,000 copies in Germany and topped the music charts.

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