Some Interesting Details about the Name Lesley

The name Lesley has a uniqueness about it that makes the name different from many other names. The history of the name can be traced back to Scotland where it is purported to have originated.

The name Lesley usually is given to a female baby. The name Leslie is usually assigned to a male baby.

Meaning of Lesley

The meaning of the name is both very beautiful and very unique. Its meaning denotes a garden of holly bushes. One thinks of the special beauty of holly bushes with their oval red seeds, decorating the front porches of older homes. One thinks of the holly wreaths hung out outside doors to provide decorative cheer to all who enter the home. The meaning of the name might have contributed to the popularity of Lesley as a name.

The Derivation of the meaning of a name may denote many beautiful meanings
The Celtic background meaning of the same name, Lesley means the grey fortress. This meaning to me denotes power and prestige.


Lesley was not in the 100 most popular popular baby girls’s name in Scotland in 2013

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