Madie, a baby girl’s name

Meaning and Origin

The name Maidie is pronounced “MAY-DEE”. The name Maidie’s origin is Scotland/England. The Scottish name Maidie is most likely a shortened version of the English word “maiden”. Therefore, Maidie’s meaning is a young unmarried girl or woman.

Other possibilities for origin and meaning include:

  • The name Maidie could be a shortened version of Margaret (of Greek origin meaning “pearl”).
  • The name Maidie could be a version of Mary (of Hebrew origin; meaning a “wished-for child”).
  • The name Maidie could be of Persian decent (meaning “child of light”).


The name Maidie is most commonly used in the United Kingdom. However, even there it is a very uncommon name. Maidie is not in the 100 most popular baby girl’s names in Sctoland in 2012 (Scottish Government Figures).

A famous woman by this name was Maidie Ruth Norman. She was an American television and film actress with a career that spanned the late 1940’s through the 1980’s. Maidie Ruth Norman had quite an expansive career. She appeared in 73 different television series’ and had a role in 25 different big screen movies.


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