Meaning and Origin of the Name Malvina

The Malvina name has multiple origin meanings. Some origins include Irish, Celtic, Gaelic and more. The main meaning of Malvina is “smooth brow”. Malvina was created by a Scottish poet and is currently not very popular. The peak of popularity of Malvina was recorded in 1903 and since then has decreased tremendously.


Malvina was the 1525th most popular baby girls’s name in Scotland in 2013.

Famous People Called Malvina

Dame Malvina Lorraine Major was a New Zealand opera singer. She performed at concerts in childhood and later moved to England to study at the London Opera Center. Malvina has acquired many successes over her years including performing multiple opera roles.

Malvina Marjorie Bolus was a Canadian historian and art collector. Malvina was known as a popular editor of “The Beaver” magazine. she has held many important working positions such as a secretary to the first woman elected into the House of Commons. She has authored three books in her life.

Malvina Reynolds was a singer/songwriter, and a political activist. She is best known for two of her hit songs. Malvina did not begin her songwriting career until later in her life. She has written multiple popular songs, even songs for children. She has also provided music for the TV show Sesame street.

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