Meaning & Origins of Margaret

Margaret is a name that is from the origins of English, Scottish, and the Greeks. The meaning of the name “Margaret” is pearl. In the year of 2012 this name was ranked as number 178 for popular baby names for girls. The name Margaret came from the form of Marguerite. When a child is given the name Margaret there are a wide variety of nicknames that the child could be called, which includes; Peg, Madge, Maggie, Margie, and even Marge. The name Margaret can be found in two categories, easy nickname and gem. When an individual is to have the name Margaret they are known to be quick thinkers and are creative. These individuals enjoy drama, art, and music. Margaret’s are self consciousness and feel free. Margaret’s are known to be very independent and go with their personal thoughts and views.

Famous People Called Margaret

There are three famous individuals who were named Margaret, they include; Princess Margaret, Margaret Beaufort, and Margaret Thatcher. Princess Margaret is the sister of Queen Elizabeth the second and she is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI. Margaret Beaufort was King Henry VII’s mother. She was known as a main figure when it came to the Wars of the Roses, and she even discovered two colleges. Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom, she was also a Politician, and was British.

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