Girl’s Name Morag

Choosing the name of your baby is one of the greatest gifts that you will ever give to your child. When searching for a fitting name, many parents look to pay tribute to their ancestral roots in their choice. If you are looking for a Scottish name for a girl, Morag is one choice.


Morag is considered to have Latin origins as a derivative of the name “Mary”, The Latin meaning of Morag is “moor”. The Gaelic meaning is “great, sun”. Yet another meaning is “star of the sea”. Similar names are Morah, Morgan, Moira, and Mora. It is also said to be the equivalent to the girl name “Sarah”.


A few things to consider when choosing this name are pronunciation and spelling. Morag is a popular girl name in Scotland, so pronunciation is not a problem. However, in other countries the second syllable may be confusing for some. Correct pronunciation places the emphasis on the first syllable. Is it easy to spell? Not exactly, especially if you do not know how to pronounce it.

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