History about the Name Morna

The name Morna comes from an Irish descent and the meaning of Morna stands for being high spirited.

The popularity of Morna originate s from an Irish story or long ago. First of all, the name Morna can also be spelled Murime and years ago she was a young lady who was in love with a gentleman by the name of Conall from a tribe her father did not care for. In fact the two tribes were at war with one another. Morna and Conall wanted to get married, but her father would not hear of this, and to make certain the union of the two young people never happened, her father made deceitful plans to have Conall killed. What he did not realize his daughter was pregnant with Conall’s child. Conall and Morna son grew up to become a great warrior known throughout the land and eventually was able to avenge his father’s death.

Popularity of Morna

According to data in the year 1891 there were 1471 baby girl’s named Morna. Years later in 1976 the popularity of the name had risen to 10311 and after 1976 there is no record of this name being used to this day. In 2014 Morna was not in the top 100 baby girl’s names in Scotland.

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