Names E to K

Here our list of Scottish girl’s names starting with the letters E to K.

Name Description Popular Name
Ealasaid Scottish form of Elizabeth
Edme Variant of Esme
Effemy Form of the name Euphemia
Efric From the Gaelic name Oighrig
Eilidh Scottish version of the name Ellie  *
Eiric Variant of Oighrig
Eithrig Variant of Oighrig
Elise Pet form of Elspeth *
Ella Abbreviation the Scottish names: Annella, Donella, Fenella and Arabella *
Elspeth From Elizabeth  *
Erica Female form of Eric
Eubh Scottish name for Eve
Euna Gaelic name for Una

Fenella A form of the name Fionnuala
Finella Variant of Fenella
Finola From the name Fionnula
Fiona From the Gaelic Fionn meaning white or fair *
Fionola Derived from Finella and Finola
Flora Goddess of flowers
Florrie Pet form of Flora
Freya Freya was the goddess of love  *
Garia This girl’s name means short
Gavenia Scottish girls name meaning ‘White Hawk’
Georgina Feminine version of the Latin name George *
Gilbarta Means to pledge
Gordania Scottish origins means heroic
Gormlaith Means splendid lady or princess
Grace This name was became popular by the actress Grace Kelly *
Gracie Pet for of the name Grace *
Greer From the name Gregor
Grier Variant on the name Greer
Griselda Means grey battle
Grizel Variant on the name Griselda
Grizela Means grey haired
Ina Pet forms of Dolina and Murdina
Innes From the Gaelic name Aonghas
Iona From the place name of the Scottish Island
Iseabail Scottish name for Isabel or Isobel.
Isla From the Scottish island called Islay *
Isobel From the name Iseabail
Jaime Male or Female name and it originates from the name James *
Jamesina Scottish feminine form of James
Jean From the name Je(h)anne and similar to the names Jane and Joan *
Jeanie Pet form of Jean *
Jessie Pet form of the name Jean. Gaelic name Teasag. *
Kameron From Cameron meaning crooked nose
Kenzie From the Gaelic name Coinneach that means handsome  *
Kenzy Abbreviated form of McKenzie which means fair one
Kina Pet form of the name Alickina *
Kirstie Pet for of Kirstin *
Kirstin Derived from the name Christine *
Kyla Gaelic meaning of Kyla is a narrow split of land *
Kyle Scottish name from Ayrshire

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